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  • 01/19/2022
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Bauer Technologies’ sustainability credentials

Bauer Technologies is incredibly proud to be the only geotechnical contractor in the world to be accredited the BES 6001 sustainability certificate. Bauer is focussed on innovative and cost-effective solutions for all clients and stakeholders, and over and above this, our commitment to enhancing the sustainability of the organisation continues to develop and grow. As well as new certification, Bauer Technologies has new internal roles, new partner practices and priorities, and new procedures, all showcasing the company’s commitment to a sustainable future for the industry.


Bauer’s Sustainability Working Group

A key element in our sustainability strategy is Bauer Technologies’ Sustainability Working Group. The group consists of three essential team members: Bauer’s pre-construction Director, the company’s Sustainability Champion, and our Business Development & Marketing Communications Manager.


Meet the Sustainability Team

Bauer’s pre-construction Director, Chris Dobson, is head of the tendering team and works closely with the Business Development & Marketing Manager. Chris is responsible for all bids and tenders, including client support during tender stages. His role within the Sustainability Working Group is to demonstrate that Bauer Technologies can offer a more sustainable solution than other foundations contractors – assuming sustainability is a key issue within the project. In the small number of cases where project priorities are different, Chris ensures that Bauer offers its clients the best solution for their projects at a competitive price, delivering the best possible programme of works. He can then show how this is now being achieved with sustainability in mind, thus helping develop a sustainability ethos amongst all customers.


The role of the Business Development & Marketing Manager, Debbie Darling, is to ensure that the Bauer Technologies’ message is at the forefront of clients’ minds for sustainable piling/ground improvement solutions, leading to appropriate enquiries, where Bauer’s sustainability credentials can win business, especially with other like-minded, forward-thinking businesses.


Our greatly valued Sustainability Champion, Nancy Austin, was the lead in the BES 6001 sustainability certificate application and worked tirelessly during 2020/21 to achieve the successful certification. Additionally, Nancy has attends monthly meetings with Bauer HQ, to discuss how sustainability initiatives initiated by Bauer in the UK can be replicated by all Bauer subsidiaries globally, thus helping to drive Bauer’s sustainability journey.


Sustainable concrete options

Another strand of Bauer Technologies’ commitment to sustainability is using concrete with as low an embodied carbon content as possible; this includes a number of supplier sustainability strategies and may also necessitate challenging the specification. Concrete production can cause elevated levels of CO2 and is responsible for up to 8% of global carbon emissions. Additional work is therefore being undertaken at Bauer Technologies, to review and mitigate the impact of concrete, for example lowering carbon concrete mixes by using fly ash, slag, calcined clays, or even lower-strength concrete where feasible.


Sustainable partners

Our Sustainability Champion has also been responsible for developing Bauer’s sustainability strategy as it relates to our partners. Our product is made up of essentially concrete and reinforcement and it is therefore essential that we purchase appropriately sourced materials, from suppliers who value sustainability to the same extent as Bauer Technologies. It is reassuring to note that many of our suppliers have begun their sustainability journey and have also secured the BES 6001 certificate.


The suppliers of all our products are required to complete a site audit, to ascertain their sustainability credentials. This covers health & safety, quality and environmental issues and checks the appropriate certification or internal procedures. All partners are assessed on responsible sourcing of materials, on whether they’re involved in carbon capture / offset schemes and on other important sustainability priorities including the key, specific, environmental accreditations.


An additional process that Bauer Technologies undertakes is to check supplier websites, where their sustainability reports and polices can be found. This helps us ensure that – like Bauer - our partners value and adhere to the procedures and processes that are so important to our ethos, and the sustainability and long-term viability of our industry.



Author:  Michael Jones, Managing Director, Bauer Technologies