Bauer Technologies - the only geotechnical contractor accredited with BES 6001 sustainability certification

  • 09/20/2021
  •   News

BAUER Technologies Ltd, a subsidiary of the BAUER Group, specialising in deep foundations and ground improvement techniques, is now a leader in the field of sustainable resourcing.


Bauer is focussed on innovative and cost-effective solutions as well as achieving continuous enhancement of the company’s sustainability performance. It’s about more than achieving an acceptable operating profit: Bauer Technologies and client operations have an impact on local, regional, and global environments, which all stakeholders are keen to address.


In October 2020, as part of Bauer’s commitment to clients’ and environmental, economic, and social drivers, Bauer Technologies initiated the application process for BRE BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing, for the sustainable production of piled foundations. The application was successful, and the official certificate will be awarded in October 2021.


This certification will enable Bauer’s clients’ to secure additional BREEAM credits for their projects. Listing Bauer Technologies’ BES 6001 certification on BRE Global’s Green Book Live service also means clients can ascertain Bauer Technologies’ sustainability credentials quickly, easily, and confidently.


Bauer Technologies is a market leader in the Geotechnical and Specialist Foundation sector and has long been sourcing materials in a responsible manner.  However, demonstrating the organisation’s approach towards sustainability up until now it has been a difficult and lengthy process, both for Bauer Technologies and for clients’, who need an easier way to assess such credentials. Achieving the BES 6001 responsible sourcing certification gives Bauer Technologies’ clients confidence and peace of mind, as the third-party certification clearly demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to the long-term environmental impact on the sector.


Speaking about the accreditation, Michael Jones, Managing Director, Bauer Technologies, said: “We are proud to have achieved this sustainability certification; being the only specialist foundational contractor in the UK to be awarded this accreditation compounds our sense of pride and achievement. Sustainability within our supply chain, our processes, our construction and operations activity and all areas of the construction sector, is vital to Bauer and this certification is of critical importance to our clients”.


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