Bauer Technologies Contributes to Prestigious Industry Standards Guide

  • 07/13/2021
  •   News

Bauer Technologies, a subsidiary of the BAUER Group, is contributing to “RP1122 - Good Practice Guidance for Piling Works” - the update of CIRIA’s piling guides - as one of three contributing authors from the piling industry. The project is headed by Coffey as lead author.


CIRIA’s suite of piling guides were first published in the mid-70s and 80s and since then there have been significant advancements in the range of techniques, plant and equipment and materials used in the construction of piled foundations. There have also been changes to design standards, codes of practice and legislation.


At the time, the guides were very well received by all industry stakeholders – from seasoned professionals to new practitioners - for their effectiveness in identifying piling related issues. The author team will undertake research to produce a new guide, covering the most important aspects of previous key guidelines associated to the piling industry, including CIRIA guides PG1 (1988), PG2 (1977) and PG8 (1980).


The new document “RP1122 – Piling Guide – Good Practice Guidance” will be complementary to existing standards, guides and specifications for piling with a strong focus on the construction phase for civil engineering works, and large-scale commercial developments


The project will involve several draft stages including intermediate reviews with the CIRIA Steering Committee, and the new guide is expected to be released in Autumn 2022. Bauer Technologies is pleased to be able to contribute their knowledge, expertise and experience to this guide, which will continue to positively influence the sector for many years to come.


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