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  • 02/21/2022
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The importance of the site plan

The key to a site’s safety, resource management and effective communication, is the site plan - although it is often time-consuming and can require office and project team meetings, site visits, follow up site visits, etc. Bauer Technologies is now able to offer a more efficient use of resources in all these areas, utilising our latest modelling software – Bauer Virtual Site Installer (VSI). This creates 3D site models, which can be optimised during the planning phase and transferred into site workflow, RAMS and briefings to help teams understand the working areas, any constraints. and the complexity of the project - before any work has begun.


Sustainability advantages

Bauer Technologies is the first geotechnical contractor to be accredited the BES 6001 sustainability certificate, and as a leader in sustainability in the sector, the new technology is especially important. This digital technology ensures resources are not invested visiting sites when the Bauer Virtual Site Installer (VSI) can help us complete the required tasks remotely.


Key benefits of VSI

There are many benefits to customers who utilise Bauer’s VSI, including:


  • VSI improves safety – by planning the works and briefing the workforce and supervisors about potential issues, before they arise
  • Materials distribution - helping plan the citing of cranes and material stores, without the need to visit the site in person
  • Reduced set up time on site – VSI enables the project team to show the client how we plan to setup the site, remotely
  • Improved productivity – VSI allows project managers to present plans and discuss them more easily with other partners, such as Project Engineers, Supervisors, HSEQ reps etc
  • Overcoming issues – VSI enables us to see the limitations of the space and to work out how to overcome any issues
  • Understanding the site – digitalisation gives the client a clear understanding of the amount of equipment and tooling that will be required on site – as many are often only aware of the need for a rig and crane


Specific examples

Possibly the most efficient way to explain the Bauer Virtual Site Installer is through three recent projects:


Heads of the Valley

VSI is being used to support the upgrading of 11 miles of single lane highway to a dual carriageway, near Merthyr Tydfil.


Bauer Technologies’ piling work requires rock drilling within the Carboniferous Millstone series, adding complexity to the project. The site was set up using Bauer Virtual Site Installer, ensuring the planning of the site and equipment could be accommodated on the narrow working platforms efficiently and safely. VSI effectively reduced the number of visits to site to complete this task.




M6 Junction 19

The Junction 19 improvement scheme near Knutsford, involved building a new bridge over the M6, with Bauer Technologies responsible for much of the piling. Using Bauer VSI, the planning of the site and equipment was finalised quickly, efficiently and safely, with minimal visits to site - as all elements were reviewed online. Communication was also vastly improved, and our client was able to see all aspects of the project and site layout digitally, rather than visiting in person.


Audley Square, London

A perfect example of the efficacy of Bauer’s VSI modelling software was a deep basement project at Audley Square, for a prestigious new residential development in Central London.


The nature of this unique site created many levels of complexity, including site congestion. Within the small footprint of the site, room was required for three BG45 type piling rigs, three large handling cranes and piling support equipment, as well as other subcontractors and their equipment. Planning the logistics within the Section 61 restraints and limited site storage, was essential – and made possible due to pre planning by the site team utilising Bauer’s VSI site model.


The success of these three projects demonstrates the potential of 3D site modelling for future projects and the Bauer Virtual Site Installer is clearly an important example of the way forward. Bauer continues to work on further technological advances and sustainability goals, as part of its BES6001 vision.