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Soil Displacement Piling System

  • The displacement tool which is mounted at the bottom of a drill rod is drilled and pushed into the ground with high torque and crowd pressure.
  • Concrete is placed by a concrete pump through the hollow stem of the displacement tool which is simultaneous withdrawn. 
  • Full displacement of the soil keeps the working area free of drill spoil, which allows easy manouevering of the rig on site.
  • Effective soil displacement increases load carrying capacity of the pile.
  • When working in contaminated areas, expensive disposal of contaminated drill spoil is avoided.
  • Commercially advantageous due to high drilling output and minimal disposal of drill spoil.
  • Ideally suited to homogenous granular soils of up to medium dense state of compaction.
  • Diameters 400 - 600 mm
  • Drilling depth 10 - 28 m