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Drilling with Kelly



 Twin Rotary

 Soil Displacement


Twin Rotary Drive Drilling System for small diameters (FoW)

  • Drill casing and auger are drilled into the ground simultaneously by two rotary drives rotating in opposite directions.
  • The soil which is loosened at the auger tip is conveyed to the surface by the auger flight inside of the casing and discharged through a gate underneath the rotary drive
  • Concrete is placed through hollow stem auger as drill casing and auger are simultaneously withdrawn.
  • A special design of the rotary drives allows the construction of piled walls directly in front of existing walls of adjacent buildings (=> FoW system). The usable excavation pit area is maximised.
  • Diameters 305 - 508 mm
  • Drilling depth 10 - 18 m