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 Drilling with Kelly



 Twin Rotary

 Soil Displacement


Drilling with Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)

Significant increase of drilling performance can be reached when using a continuous flight auger which is installed in one continuous pass:

  • The soil which is loosened at the auger tip is conveyed to the surface by the auger flight.
  • Borehole wall is supported by the auger filled with drill spoil.
  • Use of a crowd winch facilitates penetration
    into hard soil formations.
  • Attaching a kelly extension increases the
    drilling depth by 6 - 8 m. Pile is concreted through hollow stem by means of concrete pump.
  • Concrete is pumped by a concrete pump
    through the hollow stem of the auger while extracting the auger. Concrete feed pressure
    can be measured at the tip of the continuous flight auger.
  • Diameters 500 - 1200 mm
  • Drilling depth 10 - 28 m