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Soil Mixing Wall System (SMW)

  • Mixing self-hardening slurry in-situ with native soil (SMW system) offers a cost-effective technique for the construction of cut-off and retaining walls. 
  • When drilling and pushing the mixing tool into the ground with three independent rotary drives, the soil is broken down and mixed with the slurry which is continuously injected through the drill stem.
  • The absence of spoil removal and the utilisation of the native soil as a construction material increase the cost-effectiveness of the technique.
  • A continuous wall is constructed by installing overlapping individual primary and secondary wall elements in an alternating sequence.
  • The verticality of the wall is monitored by automatic inclinometer measurements in the outer drill stems.
  • Compressive strengths ranging from 2 MPa (for cut-off walls) to 8 -10 MPa (for retaining walls) can be achieved depending on type of soil and cement content.
  • Wall thickness 350 - 550 mm
  • Depth 8 - 15 m