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Other Foundation Techniques

Mixed-in-Place (MIP)

The term 'Mixed-in-Place' describes the process of mixing soil in-situ with binder. During this process the existing pores within the soil structure are filled with the binder slurry.

The result of this process is a strengthened body of soil, the shape of which is defined by the geometry of the augers.

Construction of an MIP trench is carried out by drilling a triple continuous flight auger to the required depth. During drilling and withdrawal of the augers, the soil structure is destroyed, the soil is thoroughly mixed and binder slurry is introduced through the hollow stems of the augers.

In order to achieve complete homogenisation of the soil during mixing, the rig operator is able to vary the direction of rotation for each individual auger and at the same time raise or lower the sledge mounted augers.

Construction of the MIP panels is carried out in bites by adopting the so-called 'hit-and-miss' construction sequence ('Double Pilgrim Step'). The joints between the single trenches are mixed up again.

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