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Quiet Pile Removal

Sometimes existing piles are present in the ground and obstruct the locations of new foundations. The Bauer method of ‘quiet pile removal’ involves first drilling a central threaded bar down the full length of the existing pile and grouting it into position. This forms a lifting point for the pile extraction.

Using a heavy duty Bauer BG drilling rig with bespoke modifications, a large diameter segmental casing is then installed eccentrically over the pile. When the casing is sealed into a self-supporting stratum, an open hole is then drilled within the segmental casing and adjacent to the pile. This hole is termed the ‘relief hole’.

A device designed and manufactured by Bauer Technologies, termed an ‘Annulus Cutter’, is then attached to the drilling rig and lowered over the pile. The annulus cutter, which is turned by the BG drilling rig, incrementally removes the soil from around the full circumference of the pile, and the soil cuttings fall to the bottom of the relief hole. The soil cuttings are then removed from the relief hole using standard drilling tools. Excavation is completed when the annulus cutter has removed all the soil around the pile to its full depth. The existing pile is then lifted out of the bore for disposal. The bore is backfilled with a suitable material for the follow on operations and the temporary segmental casing is extracted.

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